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Junior Chef Parties

Let The Nest throw the party for you. Aspiring Junior Chef’s will absolutely love the creative process each package affords them. From smoothie making tutorials to game show inspired theme events, the next generation of Junior Chefs will create amazing themed dishes and have a blast in the process

Packages are priced for 10 participants, additional participants up 10 will be charged at $8 per participant, not to exceed a total of 20 participants (10 + 10 additional).

All packages include (1) 1-year membership to the N.E.S.T with the option to purchase additional memberships.


Great for kids ages 5 - 10
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit Pizza
  • Natural Nature Bars
  • Ice Cream Cake*
  • Special Surprise Gifts

Perfect for your Junior Chef, the smoothielicious package has everything you need to create amazing smoothies and fruity desert masterpieces. 


Great for kids ages 10 - 14
  • Fruity Palm Trees
  • Delicious Smoothies
  • Individual Fruity Pin Wheels
  • Delicious Cup Cake Cones*

As nutritional as it is fun, the Fruitopia package will be a hit a kids that you can fell good about. 


Ideal for kids ages 10 - 14
  • Brew Tea
  • Fruit Sushi
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Ice Cream Bar*

Nothing beats the combination of savory and sweet. The WaffleHouze package is the best of both worlds. Your Junior Chefs will have a blast recreating this southern classic. 


Loved by sports enthusiasts ages 10 - 16
  • Football Bars
  • Loaded Potato Pigskins
  • Smore's
  • Tasty Root Beer Floats

Ideal for any sports lover, the Sportstacular package is perfect for making any game day a special one. 


Kids ages 10 - 16 will love this
  • Manicures or Pedicures
  • Butterfly Fruit Trays
  • Slider Bars
  • Banana Split Kabobs
  • Cone Cake*

The demands of childhood sometimes call for a little relaxation. Your Junior Chef will not only be pampered, they will learn how to create amazing dishes to bring to their next spa day or pool party.


A can't miss for aspiring chefs ages 14 - 16
  • Secret Basket (Timed Appetizer Creation Challenge)
  • Personalized Chef's Coat and Hat
  • 1 Year Membership To The Nest
  • Ice Cream Social*

Created after the hit television cooking competition Chopped, participants race against the clock to create culinary masterpieces. 

*Substitutions available for an additional cost.


Special dietary issues need to be discussed at least 48 hours prior to event.

All packages require a 50% non-refundable deposit, remaining balance required at start of event.